Grades K-5

Our core offerings for Elementary/Middle School-Age Youth include:

At CHC, we believe that, given the right tools, individuals can make positive choices and positive changes. We facilitate interactive experience-based trainings and small groups that engage participants in meaningfid learning. Most of our programs have been designed in response to the specific needs of schools and communities in the Lehigh Valley. We also offer many evidence-based programs that have been approved by the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP).

  • Life Skills Training

    Life Skills for Littles is designed for small groups of six to 10 students and focuses on a specific need or problem such as managing anger, understanding emotions, or developing communication skills. The sessions also address student's broader needs for developing resilience and the personal assets required to succeed in school. Students support each other as they interact in a variety of activities including role-play, art, games, and discussion. A similar program engages middle school students on topics such as assertiveness, self-image, decision-making, smoking, drug and alcohol use/abuse, and conflict resolution.

  • Violence Prevention

    We offer Second Step, an evidence-based program that teaches children ages four to 14 to identify and understand their own and others' emotions, control their impulses, and develop problem solving and anger management skills. The program consists of in-s.chool curricula, parent training, and skill development. The curriculum is divided into two age groups: preschool through 5t1t grade and 6th through 9t1t grade. We also offer another evidence-based program, Too Goodfor Violence, which promotes violence prevention, character education, and respect for others.

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Prevention

    Too Good for Drugs is an evidenced-based program that equips K-8 students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to remain safe and drug free. The program focuses on developing personal and interpersonal skills to resist peer pressures, set goals, make decisions, manage emotions, and effectively communicate. We tailor our Current Drug Trends program for each grade and update it regularly so students are aware of the dangers associated with the drugs most abused in their community. For gth grade students only, we offer Choices, Chances, Changes, an exclusive training developed by CHC in response to the growing concern around the heroin and opioid epidemic. The program focuses on addiction, opioids, and heroin; the choices students face; and resources for help. Participants learn what an opioid is; the connection between painkillers and heroin; and. potential risks and consequences of use and abuse.

  • Bullying Prevention

    In this multi-session program, students explore the definition of bullying, learn tips to deal with bullying behavior, and practice ways to break the bullying/victim cycle. Students also learn how their behaviors influence others.

  • Peer Mentoring

    Through our Crossroads Mentoring program, trained adults help students from K-5 grade develop resiliency and coping skills so they can make health, positive choices to succeed in school and life. Project SUCCESS, an evidence-based mentoring program, is offered on the secondary level.

  • Social Media Training

    Available to middle school students, this program is designed to raise awareness about trends and dangers throughout social media. Participants learn about Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter; identify the possible dangers of social media outlets; understand responsible use and the legal, social, and emotional consequences of misuse; discover the prevalence and pressures concerning sexting, cyber-bullying, and privacy issues; discuss the effects of social media on the brain, including addiction; and explore the resources available to monitor and combat misuse.