Workplace Training

Our core programs for the Workplace include:

At CHC, we believe that, given the right tools, individuals can make positive choices and positive changes. We can provide interactive experienced based training programs that engage participants  in meaningful learning, either on-site or at our own training facility. Workplace trainings are fee:for-service and the proceeds help to fund prevention education programs throughout the Lehigh Valley.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Discover how conflicts begin, how they escalate, and how to resolve them productively. This training will help you refine your communication skills, as well as learn which strategies add fuel to the fire and which ones help put the fire out.

  • Stress Management

    Identify your personal and professional stressors and learn stress reduction techniques so you can excel under pressure.

  • Diversity Training

    Develop confidence and competence bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills, and ideas into strong successful teams. Our diversity trainings can help colleagues develop and refine cultural competence in order to work together more effectively.

  • Team Building and Communication Skills

    We offer teambuilding programs designed to assist workplace colleagues better understand each other's strengths, weaknesses and interests so your staff can move from an ordinary group to a successful problem solving team. Our communications skills trainings are usually designed for a particular group's needs, and include understanding the importance of non-verbal communication, gaining active listening skills and recognizing the relevance of perception in communication.

  • Bridging Generational Differences

    Work with the strengths of employees of all ages; learn to motivate youthful workers for future leadership; explore techniques to connect inter-generational values and work styles.

  • Goal Setting and Time Management

    Turn "I should" into plans of action. Improve your ability to set and accomplish your personal and professional goals. Develop skills to prioritize, delegate appropriately, say "no" when necessary, and maximize overall efficiency.

  • Motivational Management

    Know how to get the best out of your employees and to build an atmosphere for meaningful work and mutual respect.

  • Training for Trainers

    Learn how to sharpen your presentation and facilitation skills with proven techniques that energize audiences and improve results. Participants will have the opportunity to practice their newly-acquired presentation skills and will leave with new activity ideas provided by their cohorts.