Focus Youth Support Program

Small Group Support Programs

Focus Youth Support Program

CHC's FOCUS/YSP programs are designed to provide accurate, up-to-date information, develop and strengthen social skills, and promote community building in the school and classroom.

Focus Groups use selective interventions to target middle school and high school students who are at greater-than-average risk for substance abuse. These individuals are selected by teachers, guidance counselors, or SAP teams according to the nature and/or number of risk and protective factors identified.

The FOCUS format consists of small groups which normally run 8-10 weeks to supplement your curriculum. Programs can be selected from the list below, or be tailored to meet your students' needs.

Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs Prevention Series
Designed to identify and explore personal values and risk factors regarding ATOD use; provide children and adolescents with social norming tools, and provide accurate information as well as refusal skills to youth, who are bombarded with messages about ATOD use daily.

"All Stressed Out!"
Healthy ways to manage stress.

Anger management
Practical, peaceful ways to control reactions to challenges and stressful situations.

Building Positive Relationships with Others
Explores how to respect self and others. Students practice communication, assertiveness, and problem-solving skills. They also learn to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Coping with Loss
Explores the grieving process and ways to heal.

"Different is Good"
Encourages students to explore our common humanity and develop understanding and tolerance for differences.

Don't Burn your Bridges
Students learn positive ways to handle anger and resolve conflicts.

Living In A Changing Family
This group offers support and positive coping strategies for students experiencing family crises such as divorce, blended families, etc.

Planning for the Future
How to make and set goals (personal, educational, career, etc.)

Risk Taking & It's Consequences
Helps students to improve decision-making skills by providing accurate information about risky behaviors (such as D&A use or sexual activity) and evaluating consequences.

Teens as Parents (for students who are currently or will become parents this year)
Goals for this group include support, skill-building to support success in school and in life, developing confidence in themselves and their ability to parent.