Tobacco Programs

Tobacco Programs

CHC's tobacco prevention programs teach young people, from preschoolers to teenagers, the why and the how of rejecting tobacco in every form.
Each program is age-appropriate, and can be presented in a classroom, as an after-school program, or to any group of youth such as a Scout troop or church youth club.
All our programs, whether created by CHC or by other agencies and professionals,are based on the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and present information supported by current research. Several of the programs go beyond the focus on individual health to explore tobacco's impact on our society and environment as well.

Tobacco Prevention Education: Two Session Series

This series can stand alone or be added onto any of the programs CHC is currently offering and includes the following topics:

  • Education

    Facts about tobacco, personal values, health

  • Skill Building

    Making healthy choices

Tobacco Prevention Education: Six Session Series

This series includes the following topics:

  • Education

    Tobacco facts, rules and regulations, history and personal values

  • Health

    Tobacco's harmful consequences to your health and respecting yourself

  • Advertising

    The influence media has and how to resist it's negative messages through self discipline

  • Social Skills

    Refusal skills and how to manage peer pressure

  • Making Choices

    Personal and community choices, their outcomes and alternative choices and actions

  • Environmental Issues

    TSP (Tobacco Smoke Pollution) and community involvement

Tobacco Prevention Programs Include

* Also available as an after-school program