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We believe that, given the right tools, individuals and groups can make positive choices and positive changes. Click here to learn more.

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The Center for Humanistic Change engages community members in building skills to address life’s challenges.

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CHC Adult Classes are held on-site in small-group environments. Upon request, classes can be customized to a specific group and held offsite. Each class is led by a trained professional and can help you get the support you need on topics such as:

  • Parenting & Relationships
  • Substance Abuse Information
  • Anger & Stress Management
  • Financial Fundamentals

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Notes & News

  • Cyber Gambling Awareness Program

    The Center for Humanistic Change will be offering a fun, informative Cyber Gambling Awareness Program on Wednesday, June 28, 2017. This event is free and open to the public via pre-registration on our website - click on event calendar . Learn about how gambling “lights up” the brain like a drug and how, just like other addictions, can cause long-term problems with decision-making and controlling behaviors.

    The details of the event are as follows:
    Event Name: CGAP: A Cyber Gambling Awareness Program
    Date: Wednesday June 28, 2017
    Location: Center for Humanistic Change, Inc., 100A Cascade Drive, Allentown, PA 18109
    Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

    This fun, interactive, workshop is designed to raise awareness about the dangers of gambling and the nature of addiction in general. Engaging in lively discussion and a variety of games, participants will:

    • Identify the risks and consequences of gambling
    • Learn about current trends in online gambling
    • Discover the effects of gambling on the brain
    • Understand the cycle of addiction
    • Distinguish between games of skill and chance
    • Find out how to get help