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CHC is a private, not-for-profit agency providing prevention education (drug and alcohol), student mentoring, and life skills training focused on decision making for healthy choices. For more than 42 years, we have developed and delivered high quality educational programming throughout the Lehigh Valley and have been dedicated to the philosophy that people learn best by doing.

CHC's educational philosophy is based on a holistic learning model known as humanistic education, which seeks to engage people intellectually, emotionally, and behaviorally. We believe that people are inherently good and have the potential to live fulfilling lives. We also believe that, given the right tools, individuals can make positive choices and positive changes in their lives, have healthy relationships, and avoid destructive behaviors such as substance abuse, dependence, and violence.

As the Lehigh Valley's needs have changed over time, so too has CHC's programming. In addition to providing alcohol, tobacco, and drug education and prevention, we offer an array of programs designed to help people better deal with life's challenges.

Our mission is to give people, especially youth, the knowledge and tools they need to make better-informed and more positive life choices. We encourage healthy decision making, positive choices, and peaceful living.

Our core business involves providing life skills training and prevention education, student mentoring, training other trainers, and helping connect people to available community resources.

We deliver evidence-based and custom-designed programs in schools, correctional facilities, neighborhoods, and businesses. We serve students, counselors, parents, social service providers, teachers, administrators, nonprofit and faith-based organizations, and others interested in personal growth and development.

We take a human-centered, interactive, and experiential approach to our program delivery, always focusing on assets and positive outcomes.

We don't provide direct counseling. In schools, we train teachers on how to identify students who are having difficulty and provide those students with the assistance they need.

69% of the 31,287 people served last year were children and teens, many of whom are considered "at risk". The total served represents approximately six percent of the Lehigh Valley's population.

We are a Commonwealth-approved trainer in the Student Assistance Program (SAP) and provide SAP liaison services and maintenance training.

Since 1979, the Center for Humanistic Change has shaped learning environments to meet the unique needs of our clients. CHC programs are offered in schools, in the community, and in the workplace.