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Our Mission

We give people, especially youth, the knowledge and tools they need
to make better-informed and more positive life choices.


One word that can describe the outlook of the present environment, is ‘transformation’.  Many people, organizations and businesses continue to reconnect and regroup after the pandemic and economic downturn, and are navigating the uncertainties around us in these ever-changing and challenging times. However, as executive director of the Center for Humanistic Change, I have never been more confident that the good work we do together can help us meet today’s challenges for our community’s children and families, and that opportunities for a brighter future await us all.

The Center for Humanistic Change (CHC) has been delivering prevention programming and life skills training for more than 42 years, and our commitment to equipping people to make better-informed and positive life choices is steadfast. Our skilled and dedicated staff continue to make CHC a leading Lehigh Valley resource, and we serve the community with experience and competence, empathy and compassion.

As we build on our growth and progress, some of the key areas we’re focused on include increasing suicide prevention efforts and expanding social-emotional learning to build resiliency in youth and develop their strong mental health.  Additionally, we are addressing emerging drug trends such as magnified nicotine vaping among youth and often casual attitudes towards marijuana use. Increases in fentanyl poisonings are of major concern, so we will take greater steps to educate the community and distribute free Narcan kits.  CHC will continue to provide essential services and evidence-based prevention education programs towards these and other issues, virtually and in-person.

We know that we’re needed now more than ever before, and pledge to be there with help and hope.


Kristen Hettrick, Executive Director



Opioid Crisis Resources for Teenagers

This toolkit was designed by a teenager for a teenager:   Toolkit for Teenagers

HOPE for the Workplace

Did you know Pennsylvania's overdose rate is higher than the national average? Anyone can become addicted. Anyone.

CHC offers the HOPE for the Workplace program to all area businesses, small or large, at no cost! This program can include Narcan training and a FREE Narcan kit for all participants. Click here for more information.

To schedule this employee benefit at your location or as a virtual program, contact Lisa Wolff at 610-443-1595 Ext. 36 or email to

‘Tranq dope’ update: Pa. takes another step in fight against xylazine

Published: Oct. 06, 2023

The Pennsylvania House this week approved a bill that would criminalize xylazine, a veterinary drug that is being added to illegal fentanyl, making the risk of overdose and other harm even higher. The bill makes it a crime to possess xylazine, but makes an exception for veterinary use. Earlier this year, the Gov. Josh Shapiro administration temporarily made xylazine a Schedule III controlled substance, making it illegal to possess without a prescription. It’s extremely powerful, putting people at greater risk of being unconscious for a long time and being harmed as a result of crime or exposure. Because xylazine damages tiny blood vessels that deliver oxygen to skin and flesh, users are prone to gruesome wounds that can lead to amputation.

Link to article:

Fentanyl Kills

Fake is Real is a fentanyl awareness campaign in Northampton County, PA. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid analgesic that is similar to morphine but is 50 to 100 times more potent. Overdose is now the leading cause of death for ages 18-45, and fentanyl is killing teens at an alarming rate. Learn more: