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I began my leadership of CHC in February 2021 during the coronavirus pandemic, with a caring and skilled staff dedicated to serving the Lehigh Valley schools, families and community. Most students returned to school for in-person instruction, but we continue to see the effects and residual of these challenging times. With this has come an increasing need to help children re-socialize in school and learn coping skills to deal with the lingering stresses of the pandemic and of a still unsettled environment. More than ever, we also recognize the importance of providing mental health resources and suicide prevention education, in addition to our ongoing up-to-date drug and alcohol programs. The Center for Humanistic Change has been delivering prevention programming and life skills training for more than 40 years, and we continue in our commitment to offer experienced knowledge and effective tools to help people make better-informed and positive life choices. 

We’re able to do this thanks to the unfailing support of Lehigh and Northampton Counties, as well as other funders and donors, who recognize the value of our services and who want to ensure that Lehigh Valley residents remain healthy emotionally, as well as physically. For their contributions, we are deeply grateful. 

To view our complete program offerings, download a program booklet using the programs tab above. For single-session video options, please click this link to our website:  Online Programs and Resources. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a program - by email at or by calling 610-443-1595.  We’re here to support you!



Kristen Hettrick, Executive Director



555 Union Boulevard, 2nd floor, Suite #7, Allentown, PA 18109

(across from PA Department of Human Services)

Parking and entering is in the rear of the building. Enter under "Auditorium" sign.

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We are always looking for Program Facilitators / Independent Contractors, especially those who have daytime availability. For more information:

Our Mission

We give people, especially youth, the knowledge and tools they need to make better-informed and more positive life choices.

Welcome to CHC

We believe that, given the right tools, individuals and groups can make positive choices and positive changes. Click here to learn more.