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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where did the name "Center For Humanistic Change" come from?

    The name of the organization - Center for Humanistic Change, Inc. - indicates both the philosophy and the strategy used to implement the philosophy. We believe that to enable people to change their behavior and to grow, their total self needs to be educated and that true education addresses all aspects of a human being: the intellectual, the emotional, the spiritual, and the behavioral. For this reason, the Center designs its programs to engage as many of these aspects of human beings as possible in a given circumstance. We also believe that intellectual understanding is not enough, and therefore we emphasize skill building so those individuals can make changes in their lives if they wish to do so.

  • Is there any connection to the religion "humanism"?

    No. The word "humanistic" refers to Humanistic Education which emphasizes the education of the whole person -- mental (cognitive), emotional and behavioral. The learning strategies that emerged out of this school of educational philosophy are also major pieces of the Center's philosophy and practice. Educators such as William Glasser, Sidney Simon, Leland Howe, Tom Gordon, Weinstein, and Fantini, created many models and techniques that promote holistic learning and application of that learning to everyday life.

  • How long has the Center been in existence?

    Since 1979.

  • Is there any connection between the Center for Humanistic Change in Bethlehem, PA and the one in New Jersey?


  • Do you "coach" individuals?

    According to Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, one of the definitions of the word coach is "to train intensively by instruction, demonstration, and practice." According to that definition, we do coach individuals. One of the programs we offer, Project SUCCESS, is an advisory service for students that truly fits this definition. There are a number of professions/occupations that use the word coach in their title, for example, Life Coach, Marriage/Couples Coach, etc. The Center for Humanistic Change does not provide those specific types of coaching. If there are more questions related to this, please contact our office at (610) 443-1595.

  • How big or small a group will you work with?

    It is preferable to work with a group of 6 - 20 participants.

  • Are you a counseling service? Can you refer me to one?

    No, we are not a counseling service, all of our programs are offered in a group setting. Upon request, a list of local counseling services can be provided.

  • How many people do you employ - employees, independent contractors?

    CHC currently employs an average of 45 full and part time staff members, and utilizes a pool of 10-15 independently contracted program facilitators.