Community Programs

As our life circumstances change, many of us find we need new tools, new knowledge, and new attitudes to deal successfully with them. CHC believes that refining and renewing our personal assets and life skills is a dynamic, life-long process. CHC provides training in many of those necessary new skills, whether they are for professional advancement (Training for Trainers), personal growth (communication skills, building self-esteem), or to help people become positive, contributing members of our community (programs for people in probation programs and in correctional facilities.) CHC plays an active role in several community initiatives, including the annual Week Without Violence and Lepoco's Peace Camp.
Descriptions of some of CHC's community programs are found on this page. For more information, please contact us.

Week Without Violence

Community Programs

CHC participates in Allentown's annual Week Without Violence. The week in mid-October, which involves several agencies coordinated by the YWCA, offers educational programs and fun events for children, teens, and families, all of which aim to guide them to make peaceful, positive choices about their lives and behavior.

Across Ages

Across Ages is a school and community-based project that matches up two underutilized resources – youth ages 9-13, and older adults (50+)—with the goal of strengthening ties across generations in a community. The purpose of the program is to help young adolescents, especially those from families struggling with poverty, substance use, or family instability, make the transition to middle school and beyond with the mentoring support of an interested and involved adult from outside their family. In Across Ages, the youth and their mentors work side-by-side on community service projects, and also spend time together at sports or cultural events and other activities. The adult mentor may also assist with school projects or homework, and provides a positive role model. The program provides life skills training for the youth, as well as prevention education about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and offers family activities to build skills and improve family life.
Across Ages was developed by Temple University’s Center for Intergenerational Learning and is used in more than 30 communities in the U.S. For more information, contact CHC at 610-443-1595.