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2024 Spring SAP Consortium



Ryan Klingensmith is an experienced, highly sought-after speaker who has presented internationally on the intersection of youth, social media, and mental health. 

Attendees learn of real-life examples and practical tips in a humorous but informative manner to lead our kids through this often digitally risky world, one that is vastly different from the world in which we grew up.

Ryan provides us with a first-hand look at the struggles and pressures that smartphones and social media place upon youth. His presentation inspire attendees to look at the digital world differently and provide them the confidence to teach youth how to be responsible digital leaders.

RYAN KLINGENSMITH is the founder of Shape the Sky, is a licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). Ryan worked at an inpatient psychiatric hospital for teens diagnosed with a mental health disorder. He also worked in residential treatment facilities, teen shelters, and group homes for children and teens. In 2010, Ryan began providing outpatient mental health therapy for youth, and he also began working in Student Assistance Programs (SAPs) in Pennsylvania to present about drug and alcohol prevention. When working with middle school and high school students, he noticed the mistakes and misuse of social media. Shape the Sky was born when he identified a need for comprehensive, ongoing education about social media for parents, school personnel, law enforcement and mental health providers. With technology and social media usage growing, the need to educate invested adults is growing too. With Ryan’s background in mental health and knowledge of social media, he developed a series of training programs to inform adults about current youth culture online, the mental health implications of social media, and general misuse of technology by kids and teens. Once they have a better awareness and understanding of what’s happening online, adults can use their wisdom to keep kids safe.

“Kids have the knowledge to use technology, but sometimes lack the wisdom to use it responsibly. Adults have the wisdom to be responsible users, but sometimes lack the knowledge to use technology. My goal is to connect knowledge with wisdom.”
-Ryan Klingensmith


A Digital World: Youth, Technology, Social Media and Mental Health

Wednesday / March 13, 2024 / 1-2:30 pm

Center for Humanistic Change

555 Union Blvd., Ste 7
Allentown, PA 18109


CEU credit is available.

For more information contact: Wendy Texter //SAP Manager

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