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Presentations & Resources / Videos


2021 Opioid Addiction Educational Forum (02/19/21)
2022 Fall SAP Consortium (11/14/22)

Georgia Bomgardner presents
"Bouncing Back and Cultivating Emotional Intelligence"

2020 Fall SAP Consortium (10/20/20)

Dr. Nikole Hollins-Sims presents
“Equity in Pennsylvania Schools”
This session provides SAP team members with content regarding the importance of ensuring quality supports for ALL students are equitable. With this in mind, mental health and drug and alcohol supports, as well as trauma informed practices, are best provided through an equitable lens.

2020 Addiction & Recovery Educational Forum (9/22/20)

Suicide Prevention Bracelet Intro

What is SAP?

Compassion in Recovery
Honest Conversation
Breaking the Stigma
Prescription Medications
It Can Happen To Any Family
Start the Conversation Now
Addiction Can Happen to Anyone
PSAs created by the Suicide Prevention Task Force in partnership with NAMI. They were made in Northampton County with Northampton County residents.