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Violence And Bullying

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation is a problem-solving and conflict resolution process in which students, known as Peer Mediators, assist other students in settling non-physical disputes. Peer Mediators are specially chosen by school personnel and trained in a three-step process. This process clarifies the nature of the dispute and assists students in reaching a solution that is satisfactory to both parties. This program offers many benefits to the school staff such as the staff spends less time settling disputes among students, it reduces tension among staff and students and improves the overall school climate through better student/staff relationships. Students trained as Peer Mediators develop leadership skills, enhance their critical thinking skills, learn valuable communication skills and develop a proficiency in problem solving skills. Through this program, the entire student body benefits by becoming active in the problem-solving process, promoting greater responsibility for solving their own problems and encouraging students to share their feelings and search for positive ways to meet their needs.

Audience: Grades 3-6
Program author: CHC
Evidence-based: No
Number of sessions: multiple